Download Free Slick Menu WordPress plugin v1.4.1

Slick Menu v1.1.8Slick Menu v1.1.8 – Responsive WordPress Vertical Menu is more than just a plugin for the menu. With rich content, various style options and animation impacts, it can be used to produce infinite multi-level push menus or content sidebars. With background colors, pictures, overlays, patterns, videos, custom fonts and much more, each menu level can be customized.It is fully responsive and adapts to any size of the device. Every level can be customized separately. You have complete control over your menus through the API. Allows you to open, close or toggle menus programmatically. It will also allow you to add event listeners and take customized activities whenever a menu or level is open.

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Demo Slick Menu v1.1.8 – Responsive WordPress Vertical Menu