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Smarty v3.4.2 Smarty Education WordPress Theme Free Download 3.4.2 – ThemeForest | Smarty v3.4.2 – Kindergarten, School, High school, College, University WordPress theme has been specially designed with your learning community in mind. Perfect as a kindergarten, school, college or university WordPress theme, this contemporary and intuitive platform works for teachers, staff, parents and students at every level, engaging all parties in the life of your school or learning environment. Now, the Smarty 3.4.2 of the MasterStudy LMS plugin is incorporated. You can develop modern full e-learning platforms with the enhanced flexibility of the learning management system.Masterstudy LMS Plugin can provide you with additional features and the ability to create online classes for your digital education products. The simple installation and user-friendliness of Smarty’s websites and the selection of powerful features are the main benefits of the LMS plugin.With its clean design and user-friendly interface, the user can easily see the courses and information such as prices, length, standard and information about the type of materials used.

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Download Smarty v3.4.2 - Education WordPress Theme for Kindergarten

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